Introducing "ALENKIE"

Nothing is truer than "clothes talk and say a lot about you" so why not wear clothes that means everything that would be good for you... And for the environment? It's totally possible!


"ALENKIE" is a sustainable clothing brand and totally cruelty-free; gentle with all skin types. We work with materials from abandoned fishing nets, recycled PET, Tencel and banana peel fiber, among others. These are absolutely modern raw materials and we are aware that fashion cannot be unaware of the change in paradigm. Simple designs, mostly oversized, printed in a way that is less damaging to the planet. 

The store is based in Argentina - but guess what - we do worldwide shipping!

The brand is driven by sustainability,fair manufacturing and is proud that everything in it's collection is made using 100% natural and recycled fabrics. ALENKIE is not a trend-led and not mass-produced. We keep production small to protect the environment by reducing waste. The collections consist of unique pieces to be cherished and used over and over again. 


And remember, always BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BUY.